Managing Pressure while speaking

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What you will learn

  • What you can do to prepare for questions before you know what those questions will be.
  • Acquire strategies for taking control in a variety of pressured speaking situations.
  • How you can overcome the nerves that you may have when speaking in front of a group, particularly if the group is not sy...
  • Presentation techniques that establish your credibility and get people on your side.


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This course is offered by LAPT Online Academy. You will be awarded LAPT Qualification based on the score you achieved. You shall also be awarded course completion certificate on completion of this course. The virtual online learning courses are conducted by LAPT Certifed Trainers. All the courses comes with animated ebooks that you can use either on PC or on Mobile. Learners can chat live with our training consultants.

Course Content

Chapter 1 Ebook
Chapter 2 Ebook
What is Speaking Under Pressure?
Presentation Evaluation
Chapter 3 Ebook
Six Steps to Planning
Presentation Evaluation
Chapter 4 Ebook
What is Force Field Analysis?
Pros and Cons