Get Certified-Benefits of LAPT Assessments

  • LAPT Credentials

    1. Skill Assessments and Certification Body from London UK

    2. Certifying skills from last 15 years

    3. LAPT certifies students in 180 countries through Pearson VUE

    4. LAPT is listed with UK Register of Learning Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) - 10067351 (Click for UKRLP Website )

    5. LAPT is a member of ATP (Association of Test Publishers (Website )

    6. LAPT is also a registered publisher with Nielsen Holdings N.V. (NYSE: NLSN). It has published its own books

  • LAPT Certificates are recognised by corporate world. Achievers get advantage in getting interview calls and getting desired jobs. Being an external quality assurance board, our assessments and certifications are recognised by recruiters across the globe
    Global presenceof LAPT increaes its global recognition. We have certified students from more than 32 countries. Being a member of ATP (Association of Test Publishers), We follow international standards in external assessments
    LAPT Assessments are conducted via secured E-Proctoring or by physical assessors/moderators
    Regular quality audits of our accredited partner centers keeps the quality of our services trustable.
    As an external quality assurance body LAPT Assessments follows EQA-VET framework in benchmarking and accreditation of our partner centers. Quality of training infrastructure, trainers quality, training materials and assessments of learning outcome are mapped to global standards

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"London Academy of Professional Training (LAPT) is a UK company incorporated as LAPT Ltd in 2003 by the registrar of companies for England and Wales,(company number 4984798) under the Companies Act 1985."
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