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    Dr. Adair has extensive experience in the global education industry. He believes in the importance of quality within vocational education standards of training material, infrastructure and learning outcome through quality assessments. Educated at Imperial College , University of London, Dr. Adair has over 30 years experience managing, designing and delivering courses from certificate through to Masters level including professional education.

    He has also some 30 years experience in all areas of education administration, and has 35 publications to his name. Dr Adair has worked for organisations like NASA, USA.

    Chairman & Head of Academic Board
    Director and Chairman
    BSc (Hons), MEd, PhD, CEng, DIC,

    BEd (Lond), D.A.S.E.
    (English Language Specialist)
  • As an English Language Specialist she works towards quality assurance of LAPT training materials. She is member of LAPT Academic Board (LACE Board). She works closely with Academic Director and ensures the quality of training and certification of London Academy of Professional Training. Based in London


    MA, BA, Dip Ed
    (Business Management Specialist)
  • He is an expert in Business Management and Soft Skill Programmes. He works towards developing right syllabus for today’s current need. He has designed and developed several training programmes for corporate world.

    He is based in London and is a member of LAPT Academic Board (LACE Board)


    English Courses [ MA (Oxon), BA, P.G.C.E. ]
    (English Language Specialist)
  • Mr Bowler is an expert in English Language Programmes. He has developed an exclusive experience of developing English Training Programmes at all level of learners- Kids, Teen, Adults, Professionals and even for English Teachers.

    He is based in London and is a member of LAPT Academic Board (LACE Board)


    MR. N. DE. PEYER
    BSc (Hons), P.G.C.E
    (Business Management Specialist)
  • Expert as a trainer and consultant Mr Peyer holds strong credentials in Business Management. He gives talks and seminar to corporate groups. He conducts workshop on various topics and his workshops are very popular

    He is based in UK and is a member of LAPT Academic Board (LACE Board)

    MR. A. PRESS
    MA, P.G.C.E
    (Sales and Marketing Specialist)

  • Having an extraordinary leadership skills and exceptional public speaking skills Mr Press bring wealth of his knowledge and experience to LAPT team. He design training programmes that focuses on developing public speaking, communication skills and negotiation skills in LAPT students. These skills play major roll for sales and marketing professionals.

    He is based in UK as well as Middle East and he is also a member of LAPT Academic Board (LACE Board)





    As a Chief Assessment Director of external quality assurance, Mr Richardson supervises the quality audits of training organisations. He is an experienced professional in quality management system. He ensures that awarding of certificates are done only after following stringent quality standards laid down by LACE Board London UK. Mr Richardson is based in Dubai and he heads Middle East and Asia region

    Barry Richardson
    Chief Assessment Director
    External Quality Assurance Standards
    London Academy Certification & Examination Board
    LACE Board EQA Standards

  • Shaik Hamdan is a leader in himself. He manages big projects be it in Information Technology or Education Industry he manages everything. Having more than 25 years of experience, he has successfully managed portfolio’s as CEO and President of previous organisations. He heads Middle East and North Africa Region. Today Mr Hamdan brings wealth of experience to LAPT. He is based at Abu Dhabi

    Regional Director
    Midlle East & North Africa Region
    (MENA Region)

    Ms Anu Pavadia supervises support team that manages student registration Material dispatch and certified centre work. She is based at New Delhi India


    Head Centre Support Team
    India Support Office
    Email: apavadia@lapt.org

    Amal Idiab has strong personality with good interpersonal skills. She is confident and strong personality. She has extensive experience of working with Arab community. Her enormous experience of dealing with local Arabs brings a distinct advantage to our team.

    Amal has over 12 years of working experience in London and in Dubai. From last many years she is based in Dubai. She is developing and expanding LAPT in Middle East specially among Arabs and Middle East countries. She is based in Beirut Lebanon

    Business Development Manager
    Middle East
    Email: aidiab@lapt.org

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