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LAPT Qualifications offers various services. 1. We provide EQA Services to Training organisations. We accredit training centers in various categories as mentioned on our website. Our accredit partner undergoes a validation process in which we map the standards of training facility, trainers, training material and assessments with international standards. Training centers sign validation contract and adhere to the norms specified in the LAPT EQA Board guidance booklet. 2. We benchmark proffessionals through our exams on Pearson VUE 3. We work closely with potential employers.

Our certifications are recognized by leading employers and our alumni are working for leading companies. We are a quality assurance link between employers and employee.

As an External Quality Assurance body, we accredit training centers for –

  • Accreditation for Quality of Training (EQA-Training Standards)
    • Can award Course Completion Certificate
  • Accreditation for Quality of Assessments (EQA-Assessment Standards)
    • Can award Assessment Transcript
  • Accreditation for Quality of Trainers (EQA-Trainers Standards)
    • Gets Certificate for Trainers 
  • Quality of Training Infrastructure (EQA-Training Infrastructure Standards)
    • Gets Certificate for Training Infrastructure

Dual/Joint Awards are the certificate awarded by both the accredited training partner and LAPT EQA Board after all EQA guidelines are followed. Certificates are co-signed by the training partner, LAPT Assessor and LAPT-EQA Board

LAPT-EQA Board is a membership body of assessors/examiners and industry experts.

What Problems are we solving?

Today in a market saturated with vocational skill programme, it could be difficult to determine the efficiency and quality of given training programme. There is a strong need of external quality assurance body which can be trusted both by students and by employers.
We are very passionate in our approach to changing this current situation and that is why we have LACE (London Academy Certification and Examination) Board- to protect, and promote good quality courses that offer value for money to the learners

Need of an independent External Quality Assurance Body

The basic reason and foundation of  LAPT Certification was due to employers and students lack of trust. Quality in vocational education and training industry is key to students and employers.
We noticed the poor quality of courses that were:
1) Either letting participants down with poor course descriptions and guidelines;
2) Providing inadequate quality content;
3) Providing unsatisfactory customer service;
4) Using meaningless qualifications that hold no significant value with any external quality assurance regulatory body.
As an external assurance body we bring in the trust of employer and we increase the employability of a LAPT certified professional.

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"London Academy of Professional Training (LAPT) is a UK company incorporated as LAPT Ltd in 2003 by the registrar of companies for England and Wales,(company number 4984798) under the Companies Act 1985."
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